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Author’s and co-author’s creation, articles published in technical media



Prestige social weekly magazine Reflex offer to readers the view on Czech and global reality. It doesn’t dodge confrontation and directly solves a specific problem. It takes you through the world of culture, society and lifestyle in an entertaining way.  

 Electronic documents between us - Ing. Lenka Capoušková, LLM (05/2020)

 Modern communication must be elektronic and safe (10/2019)

 Qualified electronic document signature in mobile device - Jan Doubek, MBA (10/2019)

 Remote seal service - Ing. Roman Kučera (05/2019)

 Verification of payment service providers in accordance with PSD2 - Ing. Lenka Capoušková, LLM (05/2019)

 Legal entities are not signing but they are creating a seal - Ing. Roman Kučera (10/2018)

 News about usage of electronic signature - Mgr. Dagmar Bosáková (10/2018)


ICT revue

ICT revue is a regular supplement of Hospodářské noviny and weekly Ekonom. This specialized magazine brings specialized topics from all areas of information and communication technologies.

 What is an electronic identity and where to use it? - Mgr. Dagmar Bosáková (06/2019)


Smart revoluce

The První certifikační autorita,a.s., was one of the partners in the creation of the book on life in the future - "SMART REVOLUTION - Revolution is coming now". The book was created under the baton of Karel Miketa and other authors - visionaries in the field of architecture, energy solutions, communication and transport. In the book, author tries to illustrate what the world of the future might look like. Our company has joined this project to address information security, cybercrime, as the future is about data sharing, wireless technology, and the pursuit of convenient mobile-controlled solutions. Book is bringing information about smart technologies and how we will live in following years. There are 66 miracles of modern technologies, which are set in readable story of one day spend in the town of future – SynopCity. 

 TV Praha - short shot from book launch (11/2017)


„Business & Finance“

“Business & Finance” is magazine for entrepreneurs and managers. In magazine “Business & Finance”
you will find current articles, interviews and reportages from various business areas and tips about new business directions. Article “Safety archiving of an electronic document” runs to the reliable storage of electronic documents without disruption of integrity, timing and non-repudiation of responsibility.
It also presents products for short-term, medium – term and long-term archiving of documents.

 Safety archiving of an electronic documents - Ing. Roman Kučera (2015)


IT Security - commercial supplement of Mediaplanet company

"Mediaplanet" is a company that collaborates with leading daily newspapers, websites, associations, celebrities, experts and journalists. The titles published by Mediaplanet as a commercial supplement of Lidové noviny are thus becoming a fast and practical source of information in a simple readable form.  

 Electronic signature in practice - Ing. Lenka Capoušková, LLM (03/2014)


VideoCast Appliště.cz

The regularly released “VideoCast Appliště.cz” reports on the latest news and applications in the Apple community. Every 14 days you can meet interesting guests who have a warm relationship with the apple platform and are a fixed part of the Apple community. In the 40th episode of the videocast, one of our employees, Martin Doubek, was a guest speaker who spoke about Apple-related topics and introduced one of our upcoming applications.

 40. episode Appliště.cz - Martin Doubek (01/2013)



Czech Television regularly broadcasts the series Jak na internet, which is one of the educational projects of the CZ.NIC Association. The aim of this project is to bring the Internet with its possibilities, pros, but also disadvantages to the widest possible group of citizens. In the 34th episode, an enlightening video on the use of the electronic signature was broadcast.  

 How to internet (11/2012)


Great guide for TCP/IP protocols and DNS system

Do you want to already make clarity and tidiness in all important network protocols? Recognize how the computers communicate on the lowest level – from physical layer of wires and connectors to applied protocols and security. The training and reference guide from experts will be appreciated not only by seasoned network administrators, but also by beginners who would like to understand the basic philosophy of TCP/IP and DNS. 

Authors: Alena Kabelová, Libor Dostálek (02/2012)


DSM-data security management

Function of quarterly “DSM-data security management” is to bring to readers actual review of information and development trends in the field of information security and data protection. This article deals with the assessment of dynamic biometric signature technology from the point of view of the requirements of Electronic Signatures Act.
IT also draws attention to some unresolved deficiencies and suggests more appropriate forms of use.

 Biometric signature – myths and facts - Ing. Jaroslav Tománek (01/2012)


Taxes and law in practice

The professional monthly “Taxes and law in practice” regularly informs the readers about all changes and current topics in tax issues and related areas. This article provides information relating to the latest legislative changes that have impact on the Data Box Portal. 

 Data Box Portal – What the latest legislative changes will bring - Mgr. Dagmar Bosáková (10/2011)


Data boxes

This book is dedicated to establishing of the Data boxes, their connection on other information systems, security data messages and other handling with them including Institute of authorized document conversion. Part of the publication is practical guideline describing application for data box set up, data box login and receiving and sending documents.

A separate part of the book “Data Boxes” form the statements for the frequently asked questions in the field of using data boxes and handling with documents delivered through them.

The annex part consists of complete definition of Act No. 300/2008 Coll. and regulation No. 193/2009 Coll. and No. 194/2009 Coll.

Authors: Petr Budiš, Iva Hřebíková (09/2010)


Marketing and the new economy

The authors deal with marketing in the post- Kotlers period and they supplement selected areas of marketing activities with specifics related to the start of the new economy.
They point to the fact that the classical conceptual apparatus is, with certain modifications, applicable to the new economy, which is characterizes by extreme dynamics and partly pyramidal character.
The publication is divided into seven chapters (System aspects of the new economy, Internet and megaintegration, New opportunities for marketing, Usage of the internet in marketing, Electronic communications and e-Government, Protection of personal data – New market segment, New economy managers).

Authors: Bohumír Štědroň; Petr Budiš; Bohumír Štědroň jr. (10/2009)


Electronic signature and its application in practice

A practical guide for all fans of an electronic documents. The book “Electronic signature and its application in practice” introduces the basic issues of electronic signing and guides the readers through the process of getting an electronic signature. It also includes an explanation of basic related terms. The part of this practical guide is together with application of electronic signature in practice, also application or archiving problems solving and useful tips. In addition, the interpretation of Czech legislation and its comparation with European legislation is also included. 

Autor: Petr Budiš (2008)

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