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Qualified certificates for PSD2

In connection with the implementation of Directive 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market - PSD2, the new Payment System Act No. 370/2017 Coll. and technical standard ETSI TS 119 495, I.CA offers in its portfolio new types of qualified certificates intended for:

• new payment service providers that will appear on the financial market (TPP);

• existing institutions (banks) that maintain client accounts.

Qualified certificate for electronic seal for PSD2

  • It is intended for legal entities. 
  • It is issued only to the I.CA Registration Authority upon submission of:
    • created electronic application (unless the applicant has chosen to save it on the I.CA server), 
    • a valid identity card or passport and other identity document, 
    • the prove the existence of the company not older than 6 months (extract from the Commercial Register, trade license, CSU confirmation of registration and identification number ...), 
    • a document authorizing the company to act (power of attorney, executive appointment, or both),
    • a document proving the existence of the PSD2 attributes specified in the application. 

You can find detailed information on the requirements for submitted documents and acting on behalf of here.

Qualified certificates for electronic seals with PSD2 attributes are issued in accordance with the Certification Policy for Issuing Qualified Certificates for electronic seals PSD2.

Qualified website authentication certificate (QWAC) for PSD2

Qualified website authentication certificates for PSD2 are Extended Validation certificates (SSL EV). These qualified certificates are designed to authenticate websites and secure transmitted data via the SSL / TSL encryption protocol, which operates on the principle of asymmetric cryptography.

QWACs for PSD2 are designed for legal entities. In order to obtain this certificate, a contractual relationship with I.CA is required.

QWAC certificates for PSD2 are issued with PSD2 attributes in accordance with ETSI TS 119 495 for allowed domains. Learn more about whitelisted domains here.

QWAC certificates for PSD2 are issued in accordance with the Certification Policy for Issuing Qualified Certificates for Website Authentication for PSD2 to Legal Entities.

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