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Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Security Solution

Information Security Management System

We offer the performance of work supporting the proposal, implementation, operation and certification of ISMS:

  • definition of the extent of ISMS,
  • preparation of an information security policy,
  • performance of a risk analysis,
  • selection of measures,
  • ascertainment of the status of implementation (see the risk analysis – related activities),
  • preparation of a statement of applicability,
  • preparation of a risk management plan,
  • consultation during implementation of measures,
  • verification of preparedness for certification (internal audit),
  • support in certification.

Documentation Base for the Security Assessment According to Common Criteria (CC)

Preparation of and consultation during the preparation of the documentation base of a product or a system for the assessment of its security according to ČSN ISO/IEC 15408 Information Technology – Security Techniques – Evaluation Criteria for IT Security (Common Criteria) depending on the specified level of evaluation assurance level (EAL), i.e.: 

  • Security Target,
  • documents for components from individual assurance classes according to the required EAL.

Customized Technological Solutions

Customized security solutions according to a customer’s requirements in the following technological fields:

  • proposal and implementation of the security configuration of Microsoft Windows/Windows Server operating systems (whether in the environment of the Active Directory domain or in a separate location),
  • proposals for the configuration of public key infrastructure in the environment of Windows/Windows Server, smart-card applications in the Windows environment.

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