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Smart card Starcos 3.7 DI

The Starcos 3.7 DI (dual interface) smart card expands the world of electronic signing with a qualified electronic signature by entering the mobile environment. The need for electronic signing with a qualified electronic signature in a multi-platform environment is constantly increasing.

I.CA therefore introduces a new type of Starcos card, the Starcos 3.7 DI. This card has a dual interface. In addition to the normal contact part, the Starcos 3.7 DI card can communicate using NFC technology, which allows you to create qualified electronic signatures in any environment. This significant advantage of the new type of card opens the door of qualified electronic signatures to the online world for users.

All your documents that you need to sign and normally sign in the desktop environment can now also be signed in the mobile environment. This type of card will be used by users for whom the use of HSM is too expensive or inappropriate. To use the Starcos 3.7 DI card, it is necessary to adapt the relevant mobile application for signing to this type of card.

Basic features of the card:

  • Contactless communication takes place via NFC
  • You will use existing common readers for contact operations
  • Supported platforms are iOS and Android
  • All private key operations take place inside the card, the private key can never be exported from the card

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