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Analysis of compatibility of client processes and services with eIDAS Regulation

I.CA in connection with the entry into force eIDAS1 from July of 2016 has seen among its clients interested in obtaining professional judgment / opinion and expression, whether their existing customer processes and internal services are in accordance with the requirements of eIDAS Regulation.

As a qualified service provider in accordance with eIDAS newly I.CA offers for its existing as well as potential clients, the possibility of an analysis of compatibility with eIDAS. Within this service we are analyse selected client processes and services, resulting in a reassessment of their compliance with this new regulation.

Specifis it means that based on the findings and subsequent evaluation included client processes and services, I.CA provides expert analysis of the client, which aims to identify possible security, technical, and legal risks that may arise due to the inaction of the client and its current procedural failure to adapt legislation.

Individual analysed processes and services then have a form of conclusions in the form of safety, technical and legal recommendations or measures which may serve as example as the basis for entering treatment systems analysed by the client operated by third parties.

Compatibility analysis can also serve as a credible document or report / opinion, which may provide I.CA when introducing new client processes in order to prove that such a new process or service complies with the conditions and requirements of eIDAS.

Implementation phase

Information given to the client processes are obtained on the basis of personal meetings with representatives of I.CA and representatives of the client, or through electronic communication. The nature of the information gathered is confidential status. Formation compatibility analysis is divided into the phases:

  • Phase I - Collection of information and data, a description of the processes and identifying flows of electronic documents
  • Phase II. - Legislative analysis, evaluating compliance with eIDAS
  • Phase III. - Security and technical proposals or recommendations I.CA editing client systems.

To obtain detailed information about the feasibility of the said analysis of compatibility please contact us at the email address sales@ica.cz.

1Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council no. 910/2014 of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for creating electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93 / EC.

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