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Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

Spojeni s důvěrou

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Connected with trust


I.CA WhiteList

In connection with directive EU about payment services in the internal market – PSD2, some institutions that maintain a client account (commonly banks), have to make their API available for another payment service providers (TPP – Trans – Pacific Partnership). For this reason, we offer I.CA WhiteList service.

Basic functions of WhiteList service

This service verify validity of qualified PSD2 certificates in two basic aspects:

  • Validity of eIDAS
  • Validity of PSD2 licence

Clients get structured XML replay with information about PSD2 certificate, within one inquiry.

Time validity and eventual revocation of PSD2 certificate is verified by concrete qualified provider (QTSP) in EU, which issued that certificate. PSD2 licence is also verified by direct enquiry on concrete National Competent Authority (NCA), which issued that PSD2 licence.

Main advantages of WhiteList Service 

  • Service blocked potential new type of attacks, which occurs in case of remove PSD2 licence/role, especially when PSD2 certificate is not revoked
  • Service is using shared list of proofed PSD2 certificates through the client services
  • PSD2 certificates are verified by I.CA through qualified services due to eIDAS – I.CA QVerify
  • Verification of all QTSP from EU, which are on Trusted List of Certification Service Providers
  • Direct connection on license lists of all NCA from EU and their serial hour control
  • Service provide general statistics for subsequent analyses etc.

Common process to obtain WhiteList Service

  • Acceptance of concept and customer interest of the service
  • Providing of the test certificates PSD2 and I.CA test scripts
  • Disclosure to the testing environments
  • Testing of customer on the base of his own scripts or testing scripts of I.CA
  • Enclosure of the contract
  • Implementation to the production environment

Registration authorities