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Connected with trust

D. Trust
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Connected with trust

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I.CA RemoteSign

I.CA RemoteSign is a service that enables the creation of an electronic signature on mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets). The user always has a mobile application at his disposal, which he uses to accept requests and create an electronic signature. Currently, the service supports mobile devices with the Android or iOS operating system.

Service activation

Service activation takes place at an I.CA business location or at service providers who operate service activation points. Here, the identity of the user (service requester) and his registration is verified. After registration and conclusion of the contract, the user will receive documents for activating the service (activation envelope).

Depending on the platform used, the user downloads the I.CA RemoteSign application from the AppStore/Google play, which is freely available here. To activate the application, the user will then use the activation envelope received during registration. After activating the application, the service is immediately active.

The process of signing documents

1. The service provider creates a new signature request.

2. The signature request is entered into the I.CA RemoteSign system.

3. The I.CA RemoteSign system sends a notification of a new signature request to the appropriate user.

4. The client signs the request in the I.CA RemoteSign application.

5. The signed request is forwarded and saved to the I.CA RemoteSign system.

6, The service provider takes over the signed request and processes it.

Open world

A big advantage of the service is that the user of the I.CA RemoteSign service can use the same mobile application to communicate with other providers. In it, it is possible to request the establishment of business communication with a new service provider. The mobile application then enables you to clearly manage requests from all service providers in one list.

A closed world

If, on the other hand, a provider does not want to share its active users with others, it can ask I.CA to create a closed world of users. Within it, the user of the mobile application can only manage requests from authorized providers.


  • An electronic signature is created on an HSM device managed by a trust-building service provider.
  • All communication between the user's mobile device and the I.CA RemoteSign service is encrypted with a specially created protocol.
  • The data transferred to the I.CA RemoteSign system does not contain signed documents.
  • Rules for safe use of a mobile phone.


The use of so-called remote electronic signing is supported by EU legislation Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS:

(51) It should be possible for the signatory to entrust qualified electronic signature creation devices to the care of a third party, provided that appropriate mechanisms and procedures are implemented to ensure that the signatory has sole control over the use of his electronic signature creation data, and the qualified electronic signature requirements are met by the use of the device.

(52) The creation of remote electronic signatures, where the electronic signature creation environment is managed by a trust service provider on behalf of the signatory, is set to increase in the light of its multiple economic benefits. However, in order to ensure that such electronic signatures receive the same legal recognition as electronic signatures created in an entirely user-managed environment, remote electronic signature service providers should apply specific management and administrative security procedures and use trustworthy systems and products, including secure electronic communication channels, in order to guarantee that the electronic signature creation environment is reliable and is used under the sole control of the signatory. Where a qualified electronic signature has been created using a remote electronic signature creation device, the requirements applicable to qualified trust service providers set out in this Regulation should apply.

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