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eID package

The eID package is intended for clients who want to use an electronic ID card to store data for creating an electronic signature. The eID package consists of a qualified and commercial TWINS certificate.TWINS is a product comprising a combination of a qualified and a commercial certificate, so that all the functions required for secure electronic communication can be conveniently provided.

A qualified certificate for electronic signature and its corresponding electronic signature creation data are used to create and verify the electronic signature. The commercial certificate is then used for the implementation of authentication and encryption services for which a qualified certificate cannot be used in accordance with applicable legislation.

I.CA issues only TWINS on eID - personal:

  • It is intended for natural persons, the applicant's personal data can be filled in the certificate,
  • It is issued to the I.CA Registration Authority on presentation of:
    • the electronic request (if the applicant has not chosen to place it on the I.CA server).
    • a valid Identity card or passport and another identity document (health insurance card, passport, driving license ...).

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