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The number of electronic signature and seal validations has reached 100 million

I.CA is proud to announce that on 22 Feb 2023 at 06:41:34 Qualified Service I.CA QVerify issued a Qualified Electronic Signature and Seal Validation Protocol number 100,000,000.

Certification of smart cards

Smart cards that are used as a qualified electronic signature creation device (QESCD) differ from other solutions in that they are subject to certification by special laboratories.

I.CA has expanded the range of smart card readers

První certifikační autorita, a.s. (I.CA) has become a certified partner of ACS and is the exclusive partner for the supply of "smart card reader" hardware solutions for the Czech Republic.

Issuance of a certificate online

ICA offers new service of obtaining qualified certificate online without visiting of Registration Authority office.

Cooperation with ACS (Advanced Card Systems Ltd.)

"První certificační autorita, a.s. (I.CA)" became a certified partner of ACS. At the same time, it is also the exclusive partner for the supply of "smart card reader" hardware solutions for the Czech Republic.

Conference I.CA "Implementation of PKI in practice VIII.“

On April 27, 2022, the traditional conference I.CA - Implementation of PKI in practice, 8th year, took place.

Use of I.CA products in the EPREL database


E-shop I.CA

Dear customers, as part of improving our services, we have prepared a new e-shop for the sale of products and services. A novelty is the possibility to use payment by credit card.

I.CA – LTA (Long Term Archival)

I.CA offers a new service to ensure long-term storage of electronic documents containing electronic signatures / seals, which is based on the legislative requirements of the Czech Republic and the EU and is in full compliance with Article 34 of EU Regulation No. 911/2014 - eIDAS.

A new I.CA RemoteSign service provider

Sefira has became a new I.CA RemoteSign service provider and enriches its OBELISK Signing Portal product with another signature method - Remote qualified signature
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