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D. Trust
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Connected with trust


Security project

We prepare security projects as outcomes documenting the move from requests (security measures based on the risk analysis) to a specific security solution:

  • security policy of systems (rules and their derivation),
  • security functions (technical security measures being prepared),
  • security architecture and mechanisms (description of how security measures are performed in particular elements of technological infrastructure – hardware, operating systems, database systems, applications),
  • security user and administrator guides (description of operation and setting of security features of the technical infrastructure),
  • proposals for non-technical guidelines (for example occupational safety, road and traffic rules, change procedure, development, maintenance, management of security incidents),
  • informational and educational materials.

We provide support in the implementation of a security project:

  • preparation of the implementation plan,
  • setting of a selected sample of prototypes,
  • monitoring of the behavior of the prototype in trial operation,
  • modification of settings according to ascertained deviations,
  • solution of problems after the launch of routine operation. 

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