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Electronic Time stamps

A time stamp ensures that the current time stamp is associated with existing data, information, files, or events. Therefore, it is attached to documents, data or electronic signatures that we want to be able to verify in the future that they existed in this form before the time indicated in the time stamp.

The service is provided only on the basis of a concluded contractual relationship or a binding order (including a web order).

Time stamps are issued by I.CA time stamp authority on the basis of electronic request, according to the required structure. The request for the stamp is always made by the client (applicant), I.CA cannot influence its content. The application shall include a data fingerprint (HASH) for which the electronic time stamp is to be issued. If the request contains all the requisites, the time authority creates a response containing the fingerprint of the request, completed with the current time stamp and other parameters, and sends it back to the applicant. The applicant is always obliged to check the sent reply, whether it contains the issued time stamp or. error state.

The issued electronic time stamp shall contain at least:

  • Serial number that is unique to a particular TSU system
  • Indication of the rules (OID) according to which the electronic time stamp was issued
  • A time stamp corresponding to UTC Coordinated Universal Time when the time stamp was created with an accuracy of one second
  • Electronic data included in the time stamp request (hash of the time stamp document),
  • the TSU electronic seal, the time server that issued the electronic time stamp.

This service is available in 365 x 24 hours. I.CA guarantees high reliability of service, which is documented by individual applications and also by major customers who connected the operation of their solutions with the collection of I.CA electronic time stamps.

I.CA guarantees 99% availability under contract terms, while the actual availability is almost 100%.

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