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D. Trust
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Connected with trust

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Technical requirements for the establishment of the service

Communication between the client requesting the time stamp and the time authority server is done online in the request-response mode.

To communicate with the time stamp authority and work with time stamps, I.CA provides its clients with:

  • Application I.CA QTSA client for Windows environment, which allows obtaining time stamp to a specific document, respectively. file. It is suitable for issuing a time stamp individually by the end user. The time stamp is saved in TST (TimeStampToken) or TSR (TimeStampResponse) format.
  • Row / batch client sets - platform C, Java
  • DLLs - Libraries are available for Windows and Unix environments. They are designed to integrate into their own systems for automated use of the time authority service.
  • The Linux library comes as a native library in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, including the necessary files and other support libraries. A test application is also supplied.

Another way is to process the data structure itself, which requires knowledge of a time stamp standard that defines, among other things, a time stamp data structure (RFC 3161). The policy of issuing time stamps must be observed.

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