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Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust

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Applications I.CA SecureStore

Applications I.CA SecureStore is a separate application in two versions, for Windows and OS X. The application environment has the following basic functions:

  • generating a key pair up to 2048 bits on the card while creating the appropriate certificate request of the selected type (commercial, qualified),
  • importing a issued certificate to a card - saves the issued DER certificate on a card to the appropriate key pair store,
  • import communication partner certificates and root certificates of supported certification authorities,
  • work with certificates stored on a smart card and manage storage on the card - including deleting and importing certificates,
  • PIN management - change of PIN (new PIN can be set via old PIN), PIN unblocking (further attempts to enter PIN can be obtained by entering PUK),
  • Card space usage monitoring (card lifetime is not checked by the app),
  • Usage of free space on the card to store any files. Free space storage can be selected in two variants:
    • unsecured, freely accessible,
    • Secured, which is only accessible after entering the PIN for this storage. This repository is suitable eg for password management.

Features only available in Windows environment:

  • Certificate Registration to Windows - Installs the certificate on Windows repositories so that it can be accessed by Windows-based certificate services
  • the storage name used for Windows SmartCard Logon.

Software Modules for Windows:

  • SecureStore CSP (Crypto Service Provider) - a card-enabled component in MS Explorer, MS Outlook and other Windows-based applications that use the standard CryptoAPI interface,
  • SecureStore PKCS11 - a card-enabled component in Mozilla Firefox applications on the Windows platform that uses Cryptoki,
  • I.CA SecureStore - Windows card management application.

Software Modules for OS X:

  • SecureStore PKCS11 - a card-enabled component in Mozilla Firefox OS X applications that use Cryptoki,
  • I.CA SecureStore - OS X card management application.

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