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I.CA RemoteSeal - qualified electronic remote seals creation service

A qualified electronic seal (hereinafter referred to as' QSeal ') is, in accordance with point 27) of Article 3 of Regulation No 910/2014 - eIDAS' Guaranteed electronic seal, which is created by a qualified electronic seal creation device and is based on a qualified electronic seal certificate.

The obligation to use qualified electronic seals by public authorities as of 20 September 2018 is given by Section 8 of Act No. 297/2016 Coll., On services creating trust for electronic transactions: "Unless another legal regulation provides for the signature of a document as a matter of law or if it does not follow from the nature of the act, the public signatory and another legal person, when acting in the exercise of its powers, shall seal the document electronically with a qualified electronic seal."

By using the I.CA RemoteSeal service, it is possible to comply with legal requirements after September 19, 2018, when public authorities must use qualified electronic seals instead of electronic marks in the exercise of their powers.

Means for creating qualified electronic seals are listed in the list maintained by the European Commission.

There are two types of QSealCD:

  1. QSealCD held by the Sealer (if the data for creating electronic seals is stored in an entirely managed but not necessarily user-controlled environment).
  2. QSealCD remotely (when the electronic seal creation data is managed by a qualified trust service provider on behalf of the sealing person).

I.CA RemoteSeal is a second variant. On the HSM module in the I.CA environment lies the private key of the sealing certificate to use the authentication certificate issued to the client. In the client environment, a component is installed that sends sealing requests to the I.CA environment (hash data, not document content) and the data that the component uses to create the sealed document is returned.

The sealed data never leaves the calling system / client environment!

The implementation of I.CA RemoteSeal is based on Entrust nShield Connect XC

Supported signature formats:

Podporované formáty podpisu:

  • CAdES
  • PAdES
  • XAdE
  • a more detailed specification of supported formats is available here

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