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Connected with trust

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I.CA LTA solution

I.CA offers technical solutions to ensure long-term storage of electronic documents containing electronic signatures/seal in the form of the I.CA Long Term Archival service (hereinafter "I.CA LTA").

This solution is based on the legislative requirements of the Czech Republic and the EU and complies with the requirements of EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS).

The principle of the solution is based on the gradual treatment of electronic documents until the creation of the so-called archive formats electronic signatures (LTA) according to relevant standards, which will ensure long-term verifiability of electronic signatures/seals in document. After the expiration of the signature certificate it is no longer relevant to verify that the created electronic signature/seal, or their certificate was valid at the time of the signing.

By integrating the I.CA LTA solution into its IT environment, the client has the opportunity to build a trusted "e-Archive" data repository for their electronic documents. From a technical point of view, I.CA LTA is implemented as a server service that further calls other validation services from the I.CA portfolio - see the description below for more details.

For PDF documents, it is a creation of the PAdES B-LTA type format, according to the ETSI EN 319 142-1 standard.

Příklad takového formátu v PDF:

For documents in other formats, this is the creation of the CAdES B-LTA type format, according to the ETSI EN 319 122-1 standard.

The service provides three basic operations:

  • verification of electronic signature/seal
  • treatment of electronic signature/seal based on the result of LTA analysis on QVerifyTL (insert time stamp or validation data)
  • calculation of the time of the next treatment of electronic document
Graphic scheme of I.CA LTA service architecture

I.CA LTA solution implementation options

To put the I.CA LTA solution into operation, it is necessary to implement the I.CA component into the client environment. The implementation can then be on an automatic or semi-automatic basis. This eliminates the need for additional client iteration.

The client must prepare / provide:

  • DMS, CMS or other eg cloud data storage,
  • the application server on which the I.CA component is implemented,
  • connection to the I.CA QVerifyTL service - a necessary condition,
  • connection to the I.CA TSA service - optional condition,
  • connection to the database - an optional condition according to the selected implementation variant.

Treated electronic documents never leave the client environment.

For more information about the I.CA LTA service, contact us at sales@ica.cz.

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