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D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust

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LTA components

I.CA offers a solution for long-term storage of documents containing an electronic signature. The client has the option to choose the archiving period according to their own requirements or legislation, for example 10, 15, but also 40 years.

The offered solution is based on usege of LTA components, which ensure the creation of archive formats of electronic signatures, in the following formats:

  • PAdES B-LTA (PDF documents)
  • CAdES B-LTA (other types of documents)

Retention of valid electronic signatures for a specified period of time is function of the electronic document when the LTA Components are used, not properties of the storage in which the electronic documents are stored. This is a major advantage of the solution offered.

Electronic signature of the document in accordance with eIDAS

LTA components and technologies are prepared for possible modifications due to changes in technical standards and legislation that may occur during the life cycle of the document. However, they still retain the validity of the electronic signature according to the original legislation at the time of creation and signing of the document.

To implement the offered solution, it is necessary for the client to ensure:

  • DMS or other data storage,
  • The application server on which the LTA components are implemented.

LTA components provide:

  • evaluation of the primary status of the electronic document with the electronic signature or signatures and assess whether the document is suitable for archiving,
  • checking the validity of all qualified certificates against a trusted time, for example from the inserted qualified time stamp or online according to the relevant certificate revocation list, the so-called CRL,
  • addition of a qualified time stamp if the document does not contain it (note: for documents in PDF format it is sufficient to add a time stamp to the last of the signatures, for other types of documents to each electronic signature in the document)
  • completion of validation data (if available),
    • CRL or OCSP status,
    • certificates for compiling the certification path,
    • certificates of time stamp authorities issuing time stamps,
  • determination of the subsequent time of "treatment" of the electronic document, connection to the DMS or other data storage of the client.

The resulting archive format of the PAdES B-LTA electronic signature.

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