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Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust

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My services

For clients who use the I.CA service on the basis of a concluded contract, we offer the following web services enabling their easy administration.

  • Personal certificate management is intended for certificate holders, who can view a chronological overview of issued certificates. Furthermore, there is a possibility to apply for a subsequent certificate, or to update contact details, which I.CA records for the needs of communication with its clients.
  • Revocation of certificate is an on-line service enabling your certificate to expire early. The reason may be the loss of PC, smart card, suspected abuse and more. Revocation of certificate is an irreversible step.
  • An overview of subscribed online services allows you to get statistics on the used services, such as timestamps, electronic signature validation, RemoteSeal, and more. 
  • The list of issued time stamps allows you to monitor the number of time stamps taken according to the specified criteria and send statistics to the specified email address. This service is for registered users.

Access to individual services is authenticated, use the I.CA certificate you have provided in the relevant agreement.

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