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Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Service detail - electronic time stamps

In addition to issuing time stamps, I.CA provides the following activities and services:

  • providing time authority access to test environments,
  • cooperation during testing and verification operations, troubleshooting,
  • cooperation in the development or integration of software for creating a time stamp request and in communicating with a time authority,
  • interoperability with solution vendor (integrator) (on request),
  • cooperation in updating and upgrading the time authority software,
  • support and hotline.

Possibilities of time stamp collection

  • Flat-rate subscription for time stamps withdrawn - suitable for customers with a monthly subscription of over 5,000 stamps. Payment is always made for removed time stamps in a certain volume band for a specific period.
  • Comprehensive service packages - for customers who need complete electronic communication solutions. The service always includes a starting number of 100 pcs of time stamps with the possibility of further purchase, qualified and commercial certificate, hardware (chip card and chip card reader) and application license for creation and verification of electronic signature I.CA Secom.
  • Alternatively, for customers with expected lower time stamps (units up to hundreds of pieces), it is possible to offer a specific package of time stamps (100, 300, 500, 1000 pcs). This is a subscription service for a specified number of stamps. The period for using up a prepaid stamp package is a maximum of 3 years from the payment made (crediting the amount to our account).

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