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Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

Spojeni s důvěrou

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Connected with trust


Issuance of a certificate online

For remote issuance of the certificate for electronic signature (without personal presence at the RA I.CA workplace), online verification of your identity is required, which uses biometric verification of your identity.

Online verification takes place using a special ZealiD application, which must be installed on your mobile device (mobile phone or tablet).

The actual process of verifying the applicant's identity and issuing an electronic certificate takes place in several successive steps and includes:

    1. Installation of the ZealiD application on a mobile device

    • Supported platforms are Apple and Android

    2. Verification of your identity via the ZealiD mobile application

    • biometric facial analysis,
    • verification of your identification documents - an identification document scan (ID card or passport) is performed.

    3. Generation of a certificate request

    • takes place via the I.CA web interface

    4. Signing an agreement on the issuance and usage of an electronic certificate

    5. Sending a certificate for electronic signature by e-mail

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