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Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust

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Using of certificate

Below are instructions for the installation of a certificate in selected applications. In particular instructions for work with a certificate when signing or encrypting e-mail messages are provided here.

Download instructions for email application:

 Outlook 2013
 Outlook 2010
 Outlook 2007
Outlook 2000-2003
 Outlook Express 6
 Windows Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird
 eM Client
 MacOS Mail application - Signing of an e-mail

Download instructions for browser Mozilla Firefox

 procedure for installing the certificate in Windows
 procedure for installing the root certificate
 procedure for installing the certificate on a Starcos 3.0 and higher smart card - I.CA SecureStore application  

Download instructions for application

 Acrobat Adobe - signing PDF documents
 Acrobat Adobe - instructions for setting up certificate
 Instructions for setting of the PAdES B-B signature format

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