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Usage of qualified and commercial certificates

Where can an electronic signature be used?

An advanced electronic signature can be used for example when communicating with the public administration, but also in the commercial sector. While public administration uses advanced electronic signatures almost exclusively only in cases where legislation dictates, commercial entities use certificates for communication with other entities that are usually clients of their services.

Public Administration:

  • when sending a data message through data boxes
  • when sending e-files to offices via e-registries
  • when filing tax returns through the EPO application (Tax Portal)
  • when sending documents to the Czech Social Security Administration 
  • when sending documents as part of the e-Customs project – a paperless customs environment across all Europe (NCTS – electronic communication between the declarant, the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, and the EU and EFTA countries, eDovoz, export)
  • when applying for EU grants submitted through the CzechInvest eAccount application
  • when requesting a report from the Criminal Registry
  • when submitting a report through ISPOP (Integrated System of Reporting Obligations), i.e. reporting obligations from the environmental field
  • when dealing with individual agendas at the Prague City Hall and city district offices through the portal praha.eu
  • when sending single registration forms (JRF) for filing to the Commercial Licensing Register
  • when filing applications for registration or for changing data entered in the Commercial Registry
  • when sending forms to the MLSA
  • when submitting applications electronically to the Industrial Property Office
  • when sending forms through the Farmer's Portal – Ministry of Agriculture
  • in electronic communication with VZP

Commercial sector:

  • when trading on the electricity and gas market
  • ČEPS, a.s. through the Damas electronic portal
  • Market Operator (OTE, a.s.)
  • Organizer of the short-term electricity market (OKTE, a.s., portál ISOT, ISZO)
  • in electronic communication with insurance companies
  • in communication with CNB (securities)
  • CNPAC (Czech Number Portability Administrative Center), The number portability nation-wide reference database (RNPDB) is a service that serves to all operators in the country as a sole valid source of information on ported numbers
  • SEPS Slovenská elektrizačná sústava, a.s., Slovak Republic
  • MAVIR Hungarian Independant Transmission Operator Company Ltd., Hungary

General use of electronic signatures:

  • when storing documents in electronic records management systems and electronic archives (PDF)
  • when sending electronic invoices, invoices, and other accounting documents
  • when signing e-mails 
  • and more...

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