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Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust

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21 and 7 days before the expiry of the validity of the existing certificate, they send to the e-mail specified in a certificate warning of the impending termination of the validity of your certificate. The content of this e-mail is a URL link that will allow you to restore the certificate electronically. Use this link to create a request for a subsequent certificate, which is automatically sent to our system. For the implementation of the renewal of the certificate electronically, you must have a valid certificate, to whom the request is sent to the certification authority that signed the certificate authority to verify the applicant for the renewal of a certificate and check fulfillment items.

The recovered certificate with the tax document is sent to your e-mail system after payment of a pro-forma invoice, which is sent to a certification authority for the processing of the request for renewal of the certificate. To automatically submit certificate occurs in the moment of crediting payments to our account. In the e-mail message and the installation instructions for the relaunching of the PC or on the certificate to a smart card.

Instructions for obtaining subsequent certificate .

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User Guide - Generating a request for a subsequent certificate:

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