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Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust


I.CA Secom®2

The main application window and bulk signing of documents - folder signing

The main window of the application consists of three columns, in the first column are selected from the tree structure documents for signature or verification, in the second column are displayed selected documents and functions sign or verify and in the third column are indicated results of selected actions with documents. 

The application allows bulk signing of selected documents. The user can manually select individual documents or simply select the appropriate folder to be signed. 

Select a signature type

Before creating a signature, the application itself detects the type of document that the user wants to sign and offers the appropriate signing menu. 

  • For non-PDF documents, it is possible to create an external or internal signature with the option of adding a time stamp.
    These are CAdES signature formats that are created in accordance with ETSI 101 733 Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (blue icons).
  • For PDF documents it is then possible to create a signature together with a time stamp or to create a so-called visible signature that will be displayed in a defined place in the PDF document.
    These are PAdES signature formats that are created in accordance with ETSI 102 778 Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (red icons).

    The visible signature in the PDF document displays additional signature information with the option of defining a variable text or company logo. It also appears on the printed version of the document. Additional signature information can also be entered directly into its structure. 

    Possibilities of verification of electronic signatures

    The application allows bulk verification of selected documents. Documents for which an electronic signature with or without a time stamp is or have been created shall be verified.

    The evaluation of older, already expired electronic signatures, which still contain a valid timestamp, is carried out on the basis of downloading older CRL sheets, which are obtained through the library I.CA GetOneCRL. This is a unique application functionality that allows you to validate electronic signatures with timestamps up to the timestamp of the timestamp, unlike other applications and programs that do not have this functionality. 

    Detailed display of timestamp information in electronic signature. 

    Automatic online application update 

    If a new version of I.CA Secom®2 is released, the application will automatically offer the user an automatic update to the new version of the application. Continuous updates are a guarantee that the user will always have the latest version of the application. Automatic app updates are fully free and may include new features. 

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