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Connected with trust

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Requirements for advanced and recognized electronic signature

Advanced electronic signature

An advanced (also "guaranteed") electronic signature may be understood as a kind of higher form of electronic signature. The particulars of an advanced electronic signature are regulated primarily by Act No. 297/2016 Coll. on electronic signatures, as amended. Advanced electronic signatures are digital data that the signer creates using his own private key to ensure their integrity and the non-repudiation of origin of the signed data.

By law, an advanced electronic signature is an electronic signature which meets the following requirements:

  • it is uniquely linked to the signer;
  • it allows for the identification of the signer in relation to a data message;
  • it was created and connected to a data message using means that the signer can maintain under his sole control.

Recognized electronic signature

A recognized electronic signature under Act. 227/2000 Coll. on electronic signatures is understood as:

  • an advanced electronic signature based on a qualified certificate issued by an accredited certification service provider and containing information that allows for the unambiguous identification of the signer,
  • an advanced electronic signature based on a qualified certificate issued by a certification service provider who is established outside the territory of the Czech Republic, if the qualified certificate was issued as part of a service indicated in a list of trusted certificate services as a service for whose provision the certification service provider is accredited, or as a service the provision of which is supervised by European Union regulations.

If you are interested in obtaining an advanced electronic signature, click here .

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