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Documents for the issuance of Qualified Certificates for eSeal

For the issuance of Qualified Certificates for Advanced Electronic Seals, the documents listed below must be submitted at the registration authority's visit. For more detailed information on the required documents, please refer to the Certification Policy for Qualified Certificates for Advanced Electronic Seals.

Legal entity

  • a identity card or passport**, or similar document of the same legal weight
  • another identity card** (health insurance card, passport, driving license ...)
  • proof of the existence of the company* (original or officially certified copy of the extract from a national commercial or other designated registry / register, trade license, foundation charter or other document of the same legal weight and which must contain the full business name, if they are assigned), the address of the registered office, the names of the person (s) authorized to represent (statutory representatives) and the manner in which they act and sign for a legal person)
  • the document authorizing the company to act - the power of attorney (the officially certified power of attorney is accepted), the appointment list of the executive, or both); a power of attorney.

Negotiatios on behalf of

If an applicant for a certificate is represented by an agent during the negotiations with the I.CA registration authority, the above documents must be accompanied by:

  • the agent’s national identity card**
  • proof of the right to act as an agent; sample power of attorney - The signatures „Principal’s” on the Power of Attorney must be authenticated
  • applicant's identity card or its legalized copy
  • other documents according to the type of the certificate (see above)

If a qualified certificate for creation of electronic seal is required (the private key is stored on a qualified secure device for creating qualified electronic seals - the HSM module), please contact qscd@ica.cz.

* The document must not be older than six months; in the case of entities registered in the Commercial Register of the Czech Republic or in the Register of Trade Licensing, it is not necessary to submit this document (the document is available in electronic form on the website of the Ministry of Justice or Ministry of Industry and Trade) I.CA).

** Higher Diploma - Compulsory Application Item 'Applicant's Full Name' may include the applicant's full name, including degrees, as indicated in his primary personal document. If the title is not included in the primary personal document, it is necessary to provide a diploma stating that the applicant has the right to use the title.

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