In order for the registration authority to be able to issue a qualified certificate or a Twins certificate, it is necessary to submit the documents indicated below. More detailed information on the required documents can be found in the Certification Policy for the Field of Qualified Certificates.


  • Evidence of Company Existence - The document may not be older than six months; in the case of entities registered in the Commercial Register of the Czech Republic or in the Trade Register, it is not necessary to submit this document (the document is available in electronic form on the website of the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Industry and Trade and can be obtained directly at the registration authority I.CA).
  • Proof of relationship to the company



If an applicant for a certificate is represented by an agent during the negotiations with the I.CA registration authority, the above documents must be accompanied by:

  • the agent’s national identity card or password,
  • proof of the right to act as an agent; - The signatures „Principal’s” on the Power of Attorney must be officially verified,
  • the original or certified copy of the identity card or the applicant's passport; Please note that certified copies of personal documents cannot be filed in the Czech Republic.

Registration authorities



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