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Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust


Licence policy for applications and libraries provided by I.CA

Application I.CA Secom

Using I.CA Secom is bound to a qualified certificate that will be used within the application. The client is always asked to submit the serial number of a qualified I.CA certificate before purchasing the application.

Based on the I.CA certificate number passed, it creates a license file that the client obtains together with I.CA Secom.

The license file is created in such a way that it can be used also after renewal of the qualified certificate, the number of which the client handed over when purchasing I.CA Secom.

AdvICASigner component

The AdvICASigner component is provided in several variants.

The server license is intended for use on server solutions. For this license, it is supplied for the URL that the client defines when purchasing the license.

The client license is intended for use on local computers. This license is issued on the basis of the serial number of the qualified certificate, which is subsequently used for the implementation of the electronic signature.

Client Multilicence is provided without restriction on the qualified certificate or location of use.

Registration authorities