In connection with the introduction of the PSD2 * Directive and the follow-up RTS technical standard **, I.CA puts new services into its portfolio. The service ensures the entry of new payment service providers in the financial market (PPS) to financial institutions and payment systems.


Qualified Certificates for PSD2 with Attributes by RTS:

  • Qualified certificates for electronic seal
    • Please contact to obtain the application for the above certificate.
  • Qualified certificate for web site authentication
    • Issuing of this certificate requires prior conclusion of a contractual relationship with I.CA. To get a draft contract, please contact
    • More information about the certificate and the allowed domains can also be found here .

These Qualified Certificates contain, in accordance with RTS, PPS identity authentication attributes to be assigned to national licensors and roles (in the Czech Republic):

  • License number from the national publisher (RTS Article 29, point 2)
  • Identify the assigned PPS roles from the national publisher (according to RTS Article 29, point 3 a)
  • Identification of the national publisher of licenses and roles (RTS Article 29, point 3 b)


The new service of I.CA provides financial institutions with a technical solution to verify the validity of qualified PPS certificates that will access through an open interface to the financial institutions that run the client account. The service will validate qualified certificates with PSD2 attributes by RTS from all trusted EU providers who will issue qualified certificates in accordance with eIDAS and PSD2. In addition, the service will verify certificates against the lists of national issuers from the EU who will issue licenses and roles for PPS in their countries and will check them at regular intervals.

The communication takes place in the form of a question-answer and is equipped in the milliseconds.

Service benefits

  • Affordable service for up to hundreds of daily verification requirements.
  • The service will communicate with all CAs that will issue certificates in accordance with PSD2.
  • Low communication interface.
  • There is no need to create a complicated interface for verification of new CAs and national publishers on the part of financial institutions.
  • I.CA assumes responsibility under the service policy for the validity of qualified PPS certificates and for their compliance with the list of licenses granted and roles from national publishers.
  • Resistance to repeated or phishing attacks by adding a blacklist certificate that will be automatically rendered to all affiliated financial institutions. Reject transactions from untrusted sources.
  • Verification of new qualified certificates from all EU PPSs on the I.CA page through qualified QVerify service and responsibility.
  • Service parameters set according to required availability and permeability. Different SLA scales according to the needs of financial institutions.
  • The financial service model with fixed monthly operating costs only, depending on the type of SLA required and the expected number of transactions executed, not per transaction.
  • Immediate response to change of RTS or other legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Source for the Fraud Detection System and their automatic anonymization and distribution to affiliated financial institutions.

* PSD2 - EP and Council Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market, amending Directives 2002/65 / EC, 2009/110 / EC and 2013/36 / EU) No. 1093/2010 and repeals Directive 2007/64 / EC, the Payment

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