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“Certificate being installed in a PC where the application was not generated.”

The reason why a certificate cannot be installed and this error message appears may be the one that is indicated in the error message (attempt at installation of certificate in another computer or under other user login). However, there are also other causes of this error message, such as damage to or loss of the private key or a change in the user profile that was evaluated by the system as a system change (for example installation of an SP, hotfix or some application).

This other cause is more likely to occur if a long time has passed from the application for a certificate and the attempt at its installation. At the time of the generation of an application for a certificate, a private key is generated as well and stored by the system in the user profile. During the installation of the certificate, the certificate must be bundled with the private key; if the system does not find it or it is damaged, this error message appears.


To install the certificate, use a *.der file (certificate_number.der – Open – OK – Install Certificate button, select Place All Certificates to the Following Storage Location – Browse button – select the Personal storage location – OK – Next – Finish – click OK in the Import Has Been Successful window.

Then check in the Internet Explorer if the certificate is indeed in the Personal storage location: Launch Internet Explorer – Tools – Internet Options – Content – Certificates – and the new certificate should be visible in the Personal storage location, if you click it – View button – Details – you can see information on your certificate.

If the certificate has not been stored in the Personal storage location (but for example in Others), it means the no private key for the installed certificate was found and the system therefore thinks that you are not installing your own certificate, but some other certificate, and therefore will not store it in the Personal storage location. If you do not have a private key in your computer or it is damaged, you have unfortunately no other choice but to file a new application for a certificate. 

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