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Certification of smart cards and their functions


Smart cards that are used as a qualified electronic signature creation device (QESCD) differ from other solutions in that they are subject to certification by special laboratories.

This certification is always limited in time with regard to the development of cryptographic algorithms and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology in general.

I.CA provides its clients with chip cards from Giesecke & Devrient, Starcos development line:

  • Starcos 3.0 - certification valid until 7.8. 2021
  • Starcos 3.5 - certification valid until 31.12. 2023
  • Starcos 3.7 - certification valid until 31.12. 2027

If you use the above smart cards, it will be possible to use them to create a qualified electronic signature only until or from the date specified above.

It is the responsibility of the trust service provider to issue a qualified certificate with the designation of a QESCD only if the validity of the certification of the relevant device is longer than the expected validity of the issued certificate. For this reason, I.CA will stop issuing qualified certificates for the Starcos 3.0 chip card on 7.8. 2020.

Renewal of a qualified certificate for Starcos 3.0 before the appointed time

If you are interested in making full use of the Starcos 3.0 smart card with an annual qualified certificate, it is necessary to renew it prematurely by this date at advantageous price conditions. The need to replace the card will thus be postponed to 2021. Subsequently, it will be necessary to purchase a new smart card.

Standard renewal of a qualified certificate to Starcos 3.0

If you are not interested in using the option of early renewal of a qualified certificate by 7.8.2020, it will be necessary to buy a new smart card before issuing a subsequent certificate, to which you will renew your qualified certificate at regular intervals.

  • Instructions for restoring from a Starcos 3.0 smart card to a new smart card can be found here:
  • You can find a list of I.CA public branches where it is possible to buy a new smart card here
  • New smart cards can also be ordered on the I.CA e-shop here

If you use a Starcos 3.0 smart card in conjunction with I.CA commercial certificates, it will be possible to issue a subsequent commercial certificate without restriction.

In case of questions, contact podpora@ica.cz or your responsible representative on the I.CA side.

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