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Commercial certificates play a significant role especially where the applicable legislation does not allow the use of qualified certificates.

The certificates are issued for the lifetime of one year. The procedures for the acquisition of the certificates and other important information about the certificates issued by První certifikační autorita, a.s., can be found in the relevant document Certification Policy.

Commercial certificates are suitable for business use outside the field of communication with public authorities, which are obligated to use qualified certificates. Most frequently, they are used in communication between commercial entities.

They can be used for example in the form of employee certificates, whose purpose is to safeguard safe internal communication among employees, individual branches and remote offices, or to allow remote access of employees to corporate data sources. They can also be used in closed systems if an agreement specifying the terms and conditions of safe communication has been entered into by the parties involved in such communication.

At the present time, commercial certificates are used especially for encryption and authentication purposes. In particular, they ensure non-anonymous access to webservers and transmission of encrypted data, both via e-mail and webforms.

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