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Certification policy for qualified certificates issued in a hierarchical structure:

Czech Republic



Qualified CA/RSA - eMark
Qualified CA/RSA - eSign
Qualified CA/RSA - TSA
Qualified CA/RSA - eSeal
Qualified CA/RSA - TSA2
Qualified CA/RSA - eSeal

Qualified CA/RSA - web

Slovak republic



Qualified CA/RSA - eSign SK
Qualified CA/RSA - mandate SK
Qualified CA/RSA - eSeal SK

Certification policy for commercial certificates issued in a hierarchical structure:

Public CA/RSA - commercial
SSL CA/RSA - web servers
Public CA/RSA - commercial tech.

Certifikation policy for OCSP for certificates issued in a hierarchical structure:

OCSP responder

Up-to-date policy for the issuance of qualified timestamps:

Qualified El. Time Stamps TSA1
Qualified El. Time Stamps TSA2


Registration authorities



7/10/2018 New service - I.CA remote seal
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5/22/2018 I.CA in accordance with GDPR
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5/9/2018 Interest about services online validation of electronic signature growing
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