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The system certificate is a special form of the qualified certificate. Together with the data for creation of electronic seals are used to secure the creation and verification of electronic seals. Indicating the entity (creator of seal) can be only a legal person or government body or government.

System certificate therefore used mainly for automated systems using a technology based on the principles of electronic signature, without the involvement of specific individuals, such as electronic invoicing, sending mass e-mails, e-return receipts registry.

System certificates may be used to:

  1. create electronic signs
  2. authenticate electronic signs
  3. authenticate electronic signs safely
  4. guarantee non-repudiation (relation between the document and the entity creating the electronic signature)


From the June 6, 2015 request for system certificate must contain the following items. A request that would have disallowed items I.CA rejects and certificate not issue.

  • Item CN (commonName) must not contain: domain name (eg.,; IP address (eg.
  • Item SAN (Subject Alternative Name) must not contain: dNSName; uniformResourceIdentifier; iPAddress
  • Item EKU (Extended Key Usage) must not contain: anyExtendedKeyUsage; id-kp-serverAuth


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