In order for the registration authority to be able to issue a commercial server certificate during its visit, it is necessary to submit the documents indicated below. More detailed information on the required documents can be found in the Certification Policy for the Field of Commercial Certificates.

  • National identity card (passport in the case of foreigners)

If the application contains the field “O” – Organization, the applicant must submit the following:

  • proof of the company’s existence (copy of an entry in the Commercial Register *, trade license, certificate of registration and assignment of an identification number issued by the Czech Statistical Office, …)
  • document authorizing a person to act on behalf of the company – letter of appointment of an authorized representative, power of attorney sample power of attorney


If an applicant for a certificate is represented by an attorney during the negotiations with the I.CA registration authority, the above documents must be accompanied by:

  • the agent’s national identity card
  • proof of the right to act as an agent sample power of attorney
  • applicant's identity card or its legalized copy
  • other documents according to the type of the certificate (see above)

* A copy of an entry in the Commercial Register must not be older than six months. Only the original copy or a certified copy will be accepted.

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