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I.CA offers several solutions to support electronic signature technology.

We present the applications I.CA Secom and I.CA Secom with PDF support which creates and verifies electronic signatures for selected files. One of the applications' many standard functions is also multiple signatures.

We also offer the I.CA Secom ZEP version which supports formats for communicating with public authorities in Slovakia.

We also provide a wide array of components which create internal and external signatures, or which create electronic signatures for environments in which a signature can not be created using the application's appropriate means.

I.CA Secom
I.CA Secom ZEP
Components for the creation of electronic signatures


Registration authorities



7/27/2018 Issuing qualified certificates for electronic seals
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7/10/2018 New service - I.CA remote seal
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5/22/2018 I.CA in accordance with GDPR
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