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Spojenie s dôverou

Connected with trust

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Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

Spojeni s důvěrou

Spojení s dôverou

Connected with trust

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Important warning

Following the current situation and taking into account the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic, První certifikační autorita,a.s. (I.CA) with effect from 16.3. until further notice...
  • Issuance of subsequent certificates, time stamps and operation of all online services is provided without interruption.
  • Issuance of initial certificates at the Registration Authority at the registered office of I.CA Podvinný mlýn 2178/6, Prague 9, is temporarily suspended, the Registration Authority is closed.
  • The technical support office works without restrictions.
  • Other operators of Registration Authorities I.CA recommends closing their branch if it is not equipped with a partition with separating glass.
  • Applicants for certificates are advised to use the contact details of a specific Registration Authority and verify in advance that the Registration Authority is in operation.

Registration authorities