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I.CA has started issuing RSASSA-PSS certificates

RSASSA-PSS certificates use the RSASSA-PSS signature algorithm based on the RSA-PSS signature scheme. This type of certificate is required by BDEW - Bundesverband der Energie und Wasserwirtschaft e.V. (German Federal Energy and Water Industry Association).

RSASSA-PSS certificates are issued with RSA keys of min. length 2048b according to BSI requirements.

They are issued:

  • Qualified certificates for electronic signature
  • Commercial certificates
  • Commercial technology server certificates

Appropriate certification policies are available here .

RSASSA-PSS certificates are required primarily for electronic communication and data exchange within the German power industry. Their use will continue to increase due to the newer version of the signature scheme.

The certificate request can be created through our website. Issuing of certificates is provided by the Registration Authority workplace at the registered office of Podvinný mlýn 2178/6, Prague 9.

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