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Consultation Services and Training 

I.CA also provides its clients with training the field of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to a requested extent. The most frequent educational programs are training in the use of certificates and safe communication, legal aspects of an electronic signature, configuration of mail clients and other applications, and configuration of servers.

I.CA offers professional consultations to clients that prepare implementation of PKI in their own solutions or work on their modification. If you are interested in a training or professional consultation, please contact us at the e-mail address

Testing of Provided Services

As a part of verification of the functionality of offered services, I.CA provides the possibility of testing them for free.

Testing Certificates

Testing certificates are used to test the technical features of a certificate. They are issued via an on-line service upon electronic application without the need to visit a registration authority. The issued testing certificate having a lifetime of 30 days is automatically sent to the applicant’s e-mail address. Detailed information on testing certificates is available here   .

Functionality test SSL certificates

On the links below you can test the possible states of SSL certificates issued by I.CA:


Functionality test EV SSL certificates (qualified certificate for website authentication)

On the links below you can test the possible states of EV SSL certificates issued by I.CA


Testing Timestamps

I.CA provides its potential clients with the possibility of testing the services of a qualified time authority. More information on the possibilities of the testing is available here .

Registration authorities



12/10/2018 Issuing of a Qualified Web Authentication Certificate
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11/19/2018 The I.CA RemoteSeal service received an award "IT product" for 2018
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