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The purpose of I.CA Premium is to provide a client with a complex product that will guarantee to its user a high level of security represented by a certified smart card, but also full mobility and independence of a single particular PC. The I.CA Premium product is therefore some sort of an “electronic identity” card of its user.

“I.CA Premium” is a combination of the TWINS product (composed of a qualified certificate and a commercial certificate), a cryptographic smart card, and a reader, or a token:

  • I.CA Premium –the product includes Starcos 3.5 and higher smart cards. An integral part of the product is the SCR3310 or SCR 335 reader, which provides the communication interface between the card and the PC,
  • I.CA Premium USB –the product includes Starcos 3.5 and higher smart cards with a removable chip to be inserted into the miniLector-S EVO USB device (token). The miniLector-S EVO token functions as a smart card reader. From the user’s perspective, the combination of a removable chip and a token appears to be a single device – secure flow.

The Starcos 3.5 and higher smart card is the native smart card produced by the renowned manufacturer Giesecke&Devrient. The smart card is supplied with the SecureStore I.CA application in Czech, Slovak and English versions, which allows for convenient work with the card on the part of the client.

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12/10/2018 Issuing of a Qualified Web Authentication Certificate
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11/19/2018 The I.CA RemoteSeal service received an award "IT product" for 2018
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