Choose the certificate repository:

A commercial certificate can be provided in one the following forms:





The certificate and the associated data for the creation of an electronic signature are located in the PC – it is therefore necessary to generate the application for the certificate on the applicant’s PC.

If you choose this variant, we recommend that you create a backup of the private key after the generation of the application. More information is available here .


The service also includes a smart card (or a USB token), which is used as a secure repository for the data for the creation of an electronic signature and for the certificate.

You can order the smart card here . If you visit the registration authority at the registered address of the company, you can obtain the smart card directly in the office of the registration authority, and the application for the certificate will be generated for you by the operator upon submission of the required documents.


Create an application for a certificate

You can use the following application to create an application for a certificate. Please follow the instructions in the guide. Then please take the created application, stored on a portable device, or an identifier for an application stored on the I.CA’s server, and visit the office of the registration authority, where a certificate will be issued to you.

Generate a request STANDARD
Generate a request COMFORT

Documents required for the issue of the certificate

The information that will be indicated in the certificate and the information that the provider of certification services is required to keep will be verified in the office of the registration authority against submitted personal documents.The primary document is a national identity card or a passport, and other documents depend on the chosen type of the certificate. An overview of all the required documents can be found here .


Visit the registration authority

When issuing the initial certificate, it is necessary to visit the registration authority in person. When visiting the registration authority, you will need the documents specified below and an application for a certificate for the certificate to be issued.


You can find the nearest office of the registration authority here .

The issued certificate will be sent to your e-mail inbox at the time of issue. You can also to apply for the certificate to be stored on your USB disk or smart card at the registration authority location.


Installing the Certificate

To install the certificate to the Windows operating system, use the instructions sent in an e-mail message. Furthermore, you can find the list of public certificates  and to install on file in DER format.
To install certificate to different operating system or specific applications, install it according instructions provided to the product. 


Registration authorities



7/16/2019 I.CA starts issuing certificates using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
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3/27/2019 I.CA became a member of the OBE QTSP Working Group
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12/10/2018 Issuing of a Qualified Web Authentication Certificate
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