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Certification policy for qualified certificates issued in non hierarchical structure:

Czech republic



Qualifie root CA - SHA2
Qualified CA - SHA2 - eMark
Qualified CA - SHA2 - eSign

Slovak republic



Qualified CA SHA2 - eSign SK
Qualified CA SHA2 - mandate SK
Qualified CA SHA2 - eSeal SK

Certification policy for commercial certificates issued in non hierarchical structure:

Standard root CA SHA2
Standard root CA SHA1
Standard CA SHA2 - commercial
Standard CA SHA1 - commercial


Registration authorities



7/16/2019 I.CA starts issuing certificates using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
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3/27/2019 I.CA became a member of the OBE QTSP Working Group
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12/10/2018 Issuing of a Qualified Web Authentication Certificate
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