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Allowed types of domain names

  • I.CA issues commercial SSL certificates for all domain types except new gTLDs (.company, .bike, .movie, .club, etc.)
  • Only one second-order domain ( and up to 9 other dnsName names (subdomains -,, may be required to apply for a commercial SSL certificate,
  • The I.CA does not accept commercial SSL certificates containing the IP address and domain name with wildcard characters, the so-called wildcard domain, eg *

Verification of domain ownership

Verification of domain ownership is performed by I.CA based on the WHOIS contact information for the domain for which the SSL certificate was accepted.

If the e-mail address from which the request was received with the address given in the signed addendum, I.CA validates in WHOIS the existence of the domain and its ownership by the entity.

If the e-mail address from which the request is sent is different, an email will be sent to the first e-mail listed in the WHOIS statement to confirm the certificate's approval, the e-mail is used from the fields in the following order: the registrant holder), technical, administrative.

If the data in WHOIS are not listed, an email with a request for approval may be sent to the admin@<domain>, administrator@<domain>, webmaster@<domain>, hostmaster@<domain>, postmaster@<domain>

If an application for a subdomain, such as, and the applicant is not a 2nd order domain, ie, I.CA requires the owner of the domain - the domain authorization document must be obtained directly from the domain owner,

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