QVerify service is an extension for electronic document management systems as well as other systems that receive and process electronic documents with an electronic signature.

The obligation to verify signatures of received electronic document is given by eIDAS Article 32 and Section 12 of Act no. 297/2016 Coll., On the service of creating confidence for electronic transactions.

The bodies of public authority are obliged to verify electronic documents defined by § 4, art. 4) to 7) Decree no. 259/2012 Coll., On details of the performance of records management.

Offered service supports authentication of the document in legislatively supported European formats:

  • B-B PadES
  • CAdES B-B (internal and external version)
  • XAdES B-B1

The signature can be verified:

  1. For the time specified by the client (the time when the application has been accepted into the internal system of the client parameter passed to the client)
  2. The time of receipt of the authentication request in the system I.CA (if for some reason the authentication request does not contain a time parameter).

Complete verification is carried out in an environment I.CA. On the client side is used I.CA component that provides data acquisition (electronic signature, etc.) that are necessary for the implementation of verification. Signed document (ie. The content of the document), whose signature is verified, never leave a client environment.

The output of service verification status with the following information:

  • valid / invalid signature / + can not verify why can not verify or why the signature is invalid
  • Time, which was done
  • supply time (parameter entered by the user, time of receipt of the request)
  • the date on which it was carried out verification (OCSP, CRL)
  • Legislative type signature (qualified / accredited)
  • whether the qualified certificate (ie. Private key) is generated and stored on QESigCD
  • the outcome of the verification certificate
  • hash verified data and other information.

Verification status response has the character of a defined structure (XML data) suitable for automated processing. The answer is electronically signed and sent automatically online.

1 Commission Implementing Decision (EU) no. 2015/1506

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