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These prices are valid from 15.3.2014.

The below mentioned prices initial certificates are identical for the subsequent certificates.


excl. VAT
 incl. VAT 
Commercial Certificate  326,45 395,00
Comfort Commercial Certificate
a smart card is included as a part of the Comfort service
931,40 1127,00
Technological (server) certificate
included Commercial Certificate for Renewal of Server Certificate
966,94 1170,00
Qualified Certificate for eSign 409,09 495,00
Comfort Qualified Certificate for eSign
a smart card is included as a part of the Comfort service
1014,05 1227,00
Qualified Certificate for eSeal 644,63 780,00
System Certificate 644,63 780,00
the Twins service is a combination of a qualified certificate
and a commercial certificate 
409,09 495,00
the e-Já service is a combination of the Twins service and a smart card
1001,65 1212,00

I.CA Premium
the I.CA Premium service is a combination of the Twins service,
a smart card reader and Smart card Starcos 3.5

1487,60 1800,00
I.CA Premium USB
the I.CA Premium USB service is a combination of the Twins service and a USB token (SCR3320 reader and Starcos 3.5 plug-in chip)
1487,60 1800,00
Visit of a mobile registration authority 5000,00 6050,00

Package of complex services

    PRICE in CZK
  excl. VAT  
  incl. VAT  
I.CA Start 700,00 847,00
I.CA Classic 1750,00 2117,50
I.CA Business 3310,00 4005,10

Package qualified timestamps

excl. VAT 

incl. VAT  
TSA 100 350,00 423,50
TSA 300 600,00 726,00
TSA 500 750,00 907,50
ATSA 100 700,00 847,00
ATSA 300 1200,00 1452,00
ATSA 500 1500,00 1815,00

Hardware Solutions

 excl. VAT
 incl. VAT
Starcos 3.5 Smart Card 604,96 732,00
Starcos 3.5 plug-in Smart Card
a smart card with a break-out chip – fit for insertion
in the SCR 3320 USB device (token)
604,96 732,00
miniLector-S EVO Smart Card Reader
a USB token, must be combined with a plug-in smart card
545,45 660,00
Liteo Smart-Card Reader 545,45 660,00
SCR 3310 Smart-Card Reader 545,45 660,00
SCR 335 Smart-Card Reader 545,45 660,00
SCR 243 Smart-Card Reader 669,42 810,00
SCR 3340 Smart-Card Reader 669,42 810,00
GemPC USB-SL Smart-Card Reader 773,55 936,00
SCR 3500 Smart-Card Reader 545,45 660,00

The price list is in Czech crowns. Validity of certificates is 12 month (365 days).

Other Services

In order to receive a quotation, please contact our business representatives at
Qualified time stamps
I.CA Secom, I.CA Secom ZEP
I.CA OCSP, I.CA Verist, I.CA Verist +
Security Solutions
Consultation and education
Establishment of Registration authority


Registration authorities



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5/22/2018 I.CA in accordance with GDPR
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